Added values

The Mediator's role

The Mediator's role is to manage a dispute. The Mediator is a neutral, independent and impartial professional that works together with the protagonists to find a satisfactory solution to the problem, and reach an agreement.

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Discover our corporate consulting and counselling activity

Our Corporate consulting and counselling activity consists in three centers of expertise :

  • Corporate Mediation
  • Audit and management of Psychosocial Risks
  • Counsel and follow up for all corporate operators

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« A multidisciplinary team at the service of the company and a requirement that strives for excellence ».

  • A unite and ambitious team, gathering competency and various experiences, driven by innovation, precision, quality and expertise.
  • Motivated and dedicated professionals, with a strong relation with all the different corporate operators, dedicated to bringing innovative, efficient and comprehensive solutions.
  • A deep knowledge of the corporate world, its levels and operators, its possible or recurrent issues.
  • A strong listening and adaptation ability.
  • A known expertise in France, Belgium, Canada, Portugal…
  • Trainings for all of our experts, to enhance and increase the value of their knowledge, and most importantly to identify and anticipate businesses needs.

« The most difficult art is not to choose men, but to give men who have been chosen all the value they can have ».

Napoléon Bonaparte