Mediation : Definition

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Notre activité de conseil et intervention en entreprise se décline en trois pôles :

  • La médiation d'entreprise
  • L'audit et la gestion des risques psychosociaux
  • Le conseil et l’accompagnement des acteurs de l'entreprise

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In order to fulfill the specific needs of businesses, PLANET’MEDIATION has developed the following definition:

Mediation is a structured and creative process
of prevention and conflict and crisis solving,
in which a third party
independent and impartial,
the Mediator,
after due consent by the parties,
helps them find by themselves an acceptable and long standing solution
in confidentiality.


This definition relates to the goal of Mediation:

The protagonists, with the help of the Mediator, independent, impartial and outside of the conflict party, will operate together and look for the most fitted and acceptable solution. In order to ensure the long standing effect of this renewed peace, they might sign a written agreement.

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