Our Values

The Mediator's role

Our Values

The Mediator's role is to manage a dispute. The Mediator is a neutral, independent and impartial professional that works together with the protagonists to find a satisfactory solution to the problem, and reach an agreement.

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Discover our corporate consulting and counselling activity

Our Corporate consulting and counselling activity consists in three centers of expertise :

  • Corporate Mediation
  • Audit and management of Psychosocial Risks
  • Counsel and follow up for all corporate operators

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Our leading values reinforce and push forward the completing of our mission. These values drive our actions and the measures we take with a view to coherence and example.

Respect and esteem

  • of people and their culture,
  • of our commitments.

This mutual respect represents a fundamental element in the relation we connect and encourages trust.

Integrity, probity

We endeavor to base our actions and interventions on justice and honesty.


Our behavior is based on transparency and loyalty.


We commit to a very strict set of ethic rules (we were part of the drafting of the Mediator’s Ethics National Code and we commit to it) in order to have trust in the center of our relations.


Solidarity is inherent to the very concept of Mediation and guides our actions.


It involves a quality and complete information, approved by the relevant persons. We commit to a transparent action with our partners and the people who trust us.


In all of our actions (RCP insurance with the MACIF IDF). It involves a clear explanation and a feedback from our operations…


We alwyas act with professionalism and haste, driven by efficiency to offer a better service.


is a central and key element of Mediation. It is the aspect which is the reason of the trust the parties put in us.