The mediator, his role

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Notre activité de conseil et intervention en entreprise se décline en trois pôles :

  • La médiation d'entreprise
  • L'audit et la gestion des risques psychosociaux
  • Le conseil et l’accompagnement des acteurs de l'entreprise

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The Mediator is an external, independant third party. He is neutral regarding both the parties (whether they are companies or individuals) and he has no interest in the conflict. The Mediator is constrained to respect confidentiality.

The Mediator has a facilitating mission. He manages the communication between the parties, helps them discuss and listen to each other. He makes sure the parties can understand each other. He helps parties to find relevant Values, Needs, Interests, Emotions, Feelings and to identify what’s at stake. He looks to the future rather than turning to the past, focusing on the parties’ positions first, then on their common interests. Also, he encourages the parties to imagine and evaluate their options in regards of objective criterias. That will allow each party to consider the outcome of Mediation as balanced and satisfactory.