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The Mediator's role

The President

The Mediator's role is to manage a dispute. The Mediator is a neutral, independent and impartial professional that works together with the protagonists to find a satisfactory solution to the problem, and reach an agreement.

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Discover our corporate consulting and counselling activity

Our Corporate consulting and counselling activity consists in three centers of expertise :

  • Corporate Mediation
  • Audit and management of Psychosocial Risks
  • Counsel and follow up for all corporate operators

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The PresidentThe expertise of PLANET’MEDIATION in terms of training is carried by its President Patricia Malbosc who has been teaching conflict management and Mediation for more than 10 years in companies and Universities.

Word from the President

For many month, we have been confronted to acts of unimaginable violence : executions, murderers, abductions, destruction of cultural wonders representing the memory of humanity. We are spectators to the rise of fundamentalism of all sides, communautarisms, but also a withdrawal upon ourselves and intolerance. The non-acceptance of difference seems to be at its height.

How did we get here? Of course, mankind has always had difficulties accepting difference. For the other, in his difference, even if he doesn’t threaten us directly, undermines our identity, introduces a doubt and triggers fear, fear of the unknown.

The terrible acts of these last month: The abduction of young girls in Nigeria, the execution of the cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo, the hostage taking of the Hyper Casher in Paris, the massacre of the Museum of the Bardo in Tunis, the attack and the murder of 148 persons on the Campus of Garissa, the barbarian beheading of a company director on French soil, the savage killing at Sousse in Tunisia… , have moved us, shocked us, just as the intolerance of those commiting such terrible acts is affecting us.

The world of today, while being able to communication via Internet, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook in a few seconds with the entire planet and despite the immense field of shared knowledge that is offered to him, still locks himself into his historic, linguistic, religious (even sociologic and anthropologic) ghetto. In short, in his prejudices.

Despite all of this, he consequently is more intolerant, less likely to accept difference and diversity than were Voltaire, Camus, Saint-Exupery… who enriched themselves of the difference of others.

As Federico Mayor, former Director of UNESCO, often says: “Tolerance is neither concession nor indifference, it is on the contrary the knowledge of the other, the mutual respect born from reciprocal understanding.”

It is time for us to react. Us, mediators, facilitators, we have a fundamental role to play in the struggle against fear of the other. Our educational role is most important to learn how to know the other, to respect him in his difference. We must do all we can for tolerant cohabiting to be more than a utopia. We must help to take off the masks that divide us. We must fight stereotypes and prejudice linked to religion, nationality or cultural heritage. Fear and Ignorance are the roots of intolerance.

We must continue to be peace-makers. We already are, but we must continue to mobilize to achieve more.


Patricia Malbosc

Patricia Malbosc


Visiting Professor

  • Université « Lumière Lyon II » (Master 1 & 2, Spécialité Médiation),
  • Université Paris V – Descartes – DU – Gestion des conflits,
  • IGS (Institut de Gestion Sociale) – Paris,
  • Centre des Techniques Internationales – Paris,
  • Université « Paul Valery » – Montpellier,
  • IUP (Institut Universitaire Professionnel Master 1 & 2) de Nimes (jusqu’en 2014),
  • ESCE (Ecole Supérieure du Commerce Extérieur) – Paris (jusqu’en 2000).

Mediation Trainer

  • For Managing Directors of large businesses members of the Association “Progrès du Management” (Progress of Management)
  • For managing personnel
  • For the “Consulte des Médiateurs d’Entreprise” (business Mediators)
  • MEDIARCOM (Portugal)
  • Brussels European Center of Mediation
  • Généthon
  • Veolia Environnement
  • Microsoft
  • Sphère Savoir