The Mediator’s role


The Mediator’s role is to manage a dispute. The Mediator is a neutral, independent and impartial professional that works together with the protagonists to find a satisfactory solution to the problem, and reach an agreement.

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Discover our corporate consulting and counselling activity

Our Corporate consulting and counselling activity consists in three centers of expertise :

  • Corporate Mediation
  • Audit and management of Psychosocial Risks
  • Counsel and follow up for all corporate operators

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Since it started, Planet’Mediation deployed its efforts to promote and develop corporate Mediation in France as well as on the European and International stage. To do so, we regularly organize and participate conferences, colloquiums, French and International seminars (Mediation European Conference). Mediation Mornings and Debate Dinners, are regularly organized by Planet’Mediation and they also represent gatherings favorable to the promotion and development of corprorate Mediation.

Planet’Mediation also elaborated different training cycles. Case study or role playing can be part of these cycles which will allow the acquisition of a strong basis of essential theoritical and practical knowledge, necessary to the practice of conflict management. These trainings are designed for any business operator as well as Mediators.

Cycle 1: « Corporate Mediation »

Mediation awareness1 day
Basis and elementary practice of corporate Mediation
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3 days
Become a corporate Mediator5 days

Cycle 2: « Human and Business »

Prevention of Psychosocial Risks3 days
Discrimination2 days
Moral and Sexual Harrassement2 days
Conflicts in the company2 days
The “Manager Mediator”2 days

Cycle 3: « The conflicts under X-ray »

Conflicts : from clash to cooperation2 days
Conflicts et emotions2 days
Conflict management by par la psycho-genealogy2 days

Cycle 4 : “à la carte”

Tailored training depending on the needs of the company.
The training will be adapted and comprehensive to the company involved, to its background and culture.

Our trainings are known and certified by the Mediation Federal Commission of Belgium.