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Why resort to Mediation?

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Notre activité de conseil et intervention en entreprise se décline en trois pôles :

  • La médiation d'entreprise
  • L'audit et la gestion des risques psychosociaux
  • Le conseil et l’accompagnement des acteurs de l'entreprise

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Mediation has always existed in Europe and the world, under various forms and in various fields. In Africa with the Palaver Tree and the wise person, in Europe with the Pacere Corsica. Priests used to have a mediation role among their parishioners.

An efficient management tool

Mediation is an efficient solution to an issue and a management tool that can turn out to be essential when it comes to preventing tensions, conflicts and crisis in a company. In case of mergers and acquisitions, restructuring operations, or other changes in the company, the need for training on new management methods is absolute. Prevention and/or conflict solving (whether the conflict is internal or external) is a significant example.

Mediation helps preserving a good social climate, suitable for comprehensive and peaceful commercial activity. It also induces motivation to company’s operators (employer, manager, employees, social partners, etc.) by creating a motivational social climate.

Mediation is a voluntary act that requires the consent of each party. It allows to seek the cause of tensions, conflict or crisis with the help of an impartial, independant and external third party: the Mediator. This work will be conducted in proper circumstances of confidence dans confidentiality, where each party endeavours to see beyond its point of view and hear the other one. A common ground as well as an acceptable, equitable and long-standing solution will emerge from the process.

The common interest of the parties

The Mediation process rests upon fundamentals and values giving priority to the principle parties taking over and taking back the decision-making power (idea of «empowerment»), the communication between parties, objective and subjective explanation on what the conflict make them experience, the consent (not only Mediation relies on the consent but also on the active cooperation of the parties towards a mutually satisfactory solution).

Mediation is also a valid and interesting alternative for Courts, that must face a significant workload with the litigation trials.

Mediation allows to solve disputes. It is the perfect expression of the parties’ will. Beyond the sole answer to their problem, parties look to an alternative way to solve them: Mediation can be this alternative

Why resort to Mediation?